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Remote Access via VPN

Bring the Cloud down to Earth with an on-premise storage solution that allows artists working remotely to manage all of their production assets in one place.


Do you struggle giving everyone access to data?

Typical remote workflows force teams to manage their production assets in two places - local and cloud storage. With creative.space, these two places become one through our enterprise storage at your facility that can be accessed remotely at any time. We focus on the user experience, replacing the "cloud" with “fog”, blurring the boundaries between cloud and on-premise workflows.


Connect from anywhere, without complexity

The creative.space software is VPN agnostic to promote remote access anywhere since connecting, collaborating and creating is our top priority. We went ahead and integrated the ZeroTier client into each creative.space node so users without a preferred VPN provider can get connected remotely for free with their own encrypted virtual network. For customers wanting a hardware VPN, we partnered with Fortinet, which allows users to log into the VPN using their creative.space credentials.

Proof point

Remote workflows designed for video

The key to achieving remote real-time playback is keeping bandwidth underneath the right threshold, and all major post production applications have their own form of a proxy workflow to accommodate this. Our team of storage engineers have done extensive testing with each application to provide the best remote access experience, tailored to your unique workflow needs.

Features that drive success

We’ve created a central hub for your data to make it easier for you and your team to navigate, collaborate, and participate in the creative process. The goal of creative.space’s content management software is to make everyday tasks quick and intuitive so that you can spend less time juggling drives and more time focusing on being creative.


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