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10 TB Free Cloud Storage

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our cloud storage offering, we've set aside a petabyte of storage to give away to select early adopters. That's 10 TB of high-performance cloud storage for 6 months, free.

Real-time remote editing

Mount spaces. On-prem and remote users access the same files. Remote access via VPN.

Proxy mode. Generate proxies optimized for your internet. Link them in your app of choice.


Copy and Share links

Unique URLs for each folder and file in the web app


Easily transfer files as needed

Upload. As easy as grabbing one or more files from your desktop or iPad and drag them into your web browser.

Download. Browse files stored in shared spaces and download them to your local storage through a web browser or our desktop app.

Screen Sharing

High Performance. Use the new color accurate low-latency screen sharing functionality built into MacOS Sonoma.

VPN. Remotely connect to a workstation that has high-bandwidth access to a storage server at your location or in the cloud.


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