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The Check Signer | Collaborative Storage

We re-imagined the business model for collaborative storage around the realities of content creation.

Pain Points

creative.space provides an all-inclusive collaborative storage solution that is
easy to understand, budget for, and implement.


Are you having issues scaling creative output?

Working with video files requires a storage system that can hold large amounts of data and scale as you grow your business. Buying more hard drives as you go can work as a short-term solution, but scaling is nearly impossible without a sophisticated system for drive management. Being unprepared results in added hardware and labor costs as users spend time juggling increasing amounts of hard drives instead of being creative.


Do you struggle to keep up with changing tech?

DigitalGlue, the company behind creative.space, has been the industry's best kept secret for over 18 years, helping customers deploy practical solutions by filling gaps in multi-vendor workflows with custom software. Storage is the heart of every workflow and we are dedicated to building a well-rounded solution that is better, faster, and cheaper than anything else on the market with a proactive team to support it. Four of the creative.space systems are offered as 1, 3, or 5-year service level agreements which allows for consistent hardware and software upgrades at no additional cost to the customer.


We focus on maximizing your team's creative potential by cutting costs and increasing efficiency.


Centralized Collaborative Storage

The team of editors at Brat TV were juggling almost 400 drives and spending 12 hours a day keeping them in sync. The DigitalGlue team worked with Brat TV to create a top-down workflow utilizing creative.space's //DEUS EX system and intuitive software that provided a centralized collaborative storage solution supporting seamless collaboration between editors. After comparing the labor costs of managing their old workflow and the all-inclusive monthly cost of implementing to creative.space, the decision was a no brainer.


On-Premise Storage as a Managed Service

At the core of the creative.space business model is scalability and affordability. Customers can lease a storage system for 1, 3, or 5 years as a monthly or annual operational expense (OPEX) instead of a huge capital expense (CAPEX). Hardware, software, and proactive support are included with no additional or hidden service fees. The platform is highly scalable as customers can start with the system that best fits their needs today, then upgrade as their business grows and capacity requirements increase. It is as simple as amending the current contract to reflect the new monthly cost and we will ship out the additional hard drives same or next day.

Proof Points

Our customers experience almost immediate and ongoing return on investment through the hours of labor reduced, the increase of uninterrupted creative output, and the prevention of system outages.


Catalyst for Growth

The ability to seamlessly collaborate within the same files on site or remotely is a catalyst for growth. creative.space transforms workflows from linear to parallel, enabling users to accomplish more in less time as they are able to be creative without roadblocks legacy storage solutions can cause. Adopting the creative.space platform has given time back to the Brat TV editors and enabled them to generate more content as well as new revenue streams such as integrating advertisements directly into their episodes. Beyond the initial onboarding, the DigitalGlue team continues to work with Brat TV to improve their workflow as part of our DevOps approach.


Proactive Support

When working under demanding deadlines, storage should never slow you down. The days of wasting time on hold with a help desk after a storage outage has already occurred are over. The creative.space system monitor tracks thousands of metrics every second and proactively alerts the DigitalGlue team as soon as the first symptoms of a possible roadblock arise. Our engineers are then able to investigate and fix the issue on the backend before it has the chance to escalate and disrupt your workflow. We have spent years understanding complex video storage technologies so your team can focus on what matters most: uninterrupted content creation.


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