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Elevate your workflow.

Streamline off-site collaboration with secure, efficient, and high-speed access to your digital assets, anytime and anywhere.

10 TB Free Cloud Storage

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our cloud storage offering, we've set aside a petabyte of storage to give away to select early adopters. That's 10 TB of high-performance cloud storage for 6 months, free.

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Solution Info

The power of the creative.space platform hosted in our private data centers.

Private or Public

Control your node directly with both web and desktop access with dedicated hardware or virtualization.

Up to 20 GB/s*

Your entire team can access and collaborate with the same files in real-time over a network connection.

* Aggregate across users per ~1 PB server.

Experience the benefits of ZFS in the cloud at a fraction of the cost compared to AWS FSx.

Next-generation Architecture

Erasure Coding. As you store more data, the system becomes even more efficient, saving significant storage space.

Revolutionary Resilience. 95% performance sustained with up to 20 drive failures, ensuring your data's security without compromise.


Mac Studios

10 GbE. High-bandwidth local area networking within our private data centers to shared storage.

Screen Sharing. Leverage the new high performance mode in MacOS Sonoma for color accurate real-time remote editing and post production.

What’s Inside

Starting your next video project? Centralize your media assets in a shared space that can be accessed both on the desktop and on the web.

Easily mount and access spaces on your desktop

Connect to a server and collaborate in shared spaces using creative apps.

Browse and share media assets via a web browser

All the features you would expect from a cloud service built into your on-prem shared storage.

Turnkey Storage for Creatives

Each server packs the power of a datacenter behind an intuitive user experience designed for teams of non-technical creatives and video workflows.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just buy the storage?

After decades of seeing our customers struggle in the budgeting process to get what they need, we designed a service that spreads the cost out over the lifespan of the hardware and lets you adapt to changing needs.

What backup and recovery systems does creative.space have in place?

The storage platform is built on ZFS, which provides data-integrity, self-healing, software RAID, and a very powerful feature called Snapshots that lets you recover data. However, we still recommend backing up to a separate storage tier, such as tape or glacier cloud.

What kind of security measures are in place to protect my data?

Control access to spaces, folders, and files out of the box, using our built-in OpenLDAP server. Everything can be controlled in our intuitive web app without needing any prior knowledge or experience in IT. Assign roles to determine what users can see and do in our apps.

What does the service include?

A physical network-attached storage server at your location that your entire team can access using simple and intuitive software, plus a remote team of experts who monitor the system and handle the technical stuff.

Is there a media asset management (MAM) system included?

Use our folder structure templates feature to keep everything organized. Browse spaces in our web app to view media assets and metadata. Deeper media management workflows are coming soon as part of our new //STREAMLINE offering.

What happens if I cancel my contract or it ends and I don't renew?

Just migrate your data, do a full system wipe, and send the hardware back to us. If you want to get out early, let us know at least 45 days before your anniversary and we'll revise the contract to the current year and you just pay the difference as if you started out with that term.


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