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Divide your storage pools into virtual shared spaces.


Do you waste money on duplicate copies?

True collaboration requires everyone to have real-time access to the same data. Legacy storage servers use redundancy to increase performance, resulting in increased costs to the customer for more capacity than is actually needed. creative.space delivers real-time access based on pre-determined user permissions while utilizing computer memory to dramatically improve performance at a fraction of the cost, which saves customers time and money.


Create separate Spaces, without losing capacity

Spaces (aka "Volumes") are designed to streamline project and capacity management within your storage solution. A Space can be set up and managed as if it were its own storage device, while sharing the same capacity and performance as the rest of the Spaces. Administrators can control access to individual Spaces and the content within it using the built-in user management system as well as set up Quotas or Reservations to prevent users from accidentally reaching maximum capacity causing performance issues.


Brat TV

Before creative.space, Brat TV was managing all of their productions using separate hard drives with multiple copies of files. Now, the digital media network specializing in original series productions for the Gen Z audience, has been able to consolidate their data into virtual Spaces that users can mount to their desktop and collaborate in real-time. Utilizing Spaces has given Brat TV the ability to create a streamlined workflow with a single directory structure for each of their productions so editors can work within the appropriate Space and then archive to LTO for future use.

Features that drive success

We’ve created a central hub for your data to make it easier for you and your team to navigate, collaborate, and participate in the creative process. The goal of creative.space’s content management software is to make everyday tasks quick and intuitive so that you can spend less time juggling drives and more time focusing on being creative.


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