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The Daily User | High-Performance Media Storage

Securely connect to your high-performance media storage from anywhere and start working with the applications you love.

Pain Points

Incorporating technology that is complex on the back end, but simple to use on the front end is key to a successful creative workflow.


Is your data spread across multiple locations?

Today, most creatives are using a combination of local and cloud storage to collaborate with their team. Over the course of a production, multiple copies of source media, proxies, renders, and project files end up spread across devices creating version chaos. As the project comes to a close, editors scramble to consolidate the production data and figure out which of the many versions of a file is the right one.


Do you struggle with complex I.T. solutions?

Technology is constantly evolving, and adapting your workflow to these advancements is necessary but can be challenging to do. Enterprise storage is complex by nature, but implementing and managing it shouldn't be. creative.space provides an intuitive software, high-performance media storage hardware, and proactive support without requiring creatives to compromise their workflow or mindset.


The creative.space collaborative storage platform was designed to remove everyday workflow roadblocks so that artists can focus on doing what they do best: create.


Access Shared Spaces, without an IP address

Working with a shared high-performance network-attached media storage solution instead of juggling direct attached hard drives allows creatives to access their data anywhere. The creative.space Desktop Application gives users the ability to mount any Space or folder to their desktop with the click of a button. Users can also connect to their storage easily through our Web Application, which provides an intuitive interface to browse Spaces, folders, and files as well as view metadata, control permissions, and even download files directly to their computers.


Exchange Work, without Copying Large Files

A Space is a central location for your data that can be accessed by both local and remote users. The creative.space software includes features like a built in VPN that ensure artists always have access to projects based on their specific user roles and permissions. Using a VPN, users can collaborate remotely over the internet in real-time with low-bandwidth proxies and send render jobs to workstations which have faster access to source media.

Proof Points

A partnership with DigitalGlue is ongoing and does not end after implementation. Our engineers work with post production managers to create a purpose-built storage solution that meets your video needs today with the flexibility to grow as you scale both your team and business.


Collaborate Across Multiple Applications

Every workflow utilizes a unique combination of tools and processes to deliver great content as efficiently as possible. At DigitalGlue, we first listen to how our customers currently like to work, then we offer practical tips and tricks that help avoid roadblocks while saving them time and manual labor. If there are workflow issues that don't have an available solution, our development team is here to build a custom one for you!


Blazing Fast Performance

Experience seamless real-time playback that scales to any workflow. creative.space allows entire teams to collaborate from the same system without impacting individual performance. Our development team works with customers to build a shared media storage solution that is tailored to the formats they use. Achieving real-time playback for 4K HDR image sequences without compromising performance is as simple as adding an SSD pool to any of our five enterprise-level systems.


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