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Excerpt from Home Depot

"Switching to creative.space was a no-brainer. We are getting software, hardware, and 24/7 technical support for the same cost as our previous service contract alone."


Stop wasting time juggling separate drives

As your team expands, it becomes difficult to transfer and keep track of files across separate drives. A creative.space server allows for real-time collaboration and easy access to the same files.

Shared Spaces

Your entire team is able to mount and collaborate in the same virtual storage drive, eliminating copies.

Network Access

Connect your workstations to the same network and edit with high-bandwidth video formats in real-time.

a turnkey solution

Everything Video Teams Need for Frictionless Collaboration

The company behind 

Beyond storage: your video technology partner

Leverage our expertise to maximize your potential, starting with storage - the core of video workflows - and expanding to your entire video pipeline.

Expertise across every part of your video workflow
Combine products from multiple vendors into solutions
Simplify your media operations with custom software

Evaluate Needs

Our team will ask the questions needed to understand your workflow and prepare the best solution.

Secure Buy-in

We'll help you understand solution benefits and communicate them to your team and stakeholders.

Onboard Team

Expert guidance throughout the process with hands-on training and support materials.

storage designed for creatives

How We're Different

Most storage options require a big up-front investment, an expensive support contract, and an in-house I.T. team to manage day to day operations. We don't.
High-performance without scaling
Spread out cost over multiple years
Easy to use software platform
Simple mounting with Desktop App
Built-in remote workflow tools
Provides 24/7 proactive support
One flat service rate, no surprises
Other NAS Storage
Redundant hardware for performance
Massive payment up-front
Needs on-site I.T. to manage
Access complicated IP addresses
Requires 3rd party cloud services
Reactive support
Complicated fee structure


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