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Why Us

Our mission is to minimize the time it takes to turn vision into reality.

who we are

We're an Integrator,
Not a Storage Vendor

Before creative.space, DigitalGlue spent a decade selling and supporting storage from other vendors. The experience was always the same. First, the customer went through a lengthy budget process where the system quoted was already outdated by installation day. Then, the customer would push the system beyond what it was designed for, without communicating with the Vendor until something went wrong, When they reached out to us for support, we had to coordinate with vendors, who were slow to respond and always wanted to send someone to fix the problem in person, resulting in added costs. The issues were predictable, but the business model profited from the dysfunction.

what we do

Re-Imagining the Relationship

When building creative.space, finding the right business model was just as important as the right technology. Instead of focusing on sales, creative.space was designed to build relationships that lead to mutual growth. When customers are able to make better content, they get higher returns, and then scale to meet increased demand. Since most production companies work project to project, without lots of capital funds, DigitalGlue developed the On-Premise Managed Storage model to provide teams with the hardware, software, and proactive support they need as a monthly or annual operational expense. With flexible contracts, customers can start with the right solution for their needs today and wait to expand until they actually need to.

our customers

Early Adopters

Over the last two years, we've developed creative.space with a select group of early adopters. Together, we've transformed from a shared storage appliance into an entire software platform. The first round of development focused on providing non-technical decision-makers intuitive tools to manage their storage without having to rely on I.T. or the command-line tools required by other vendors. Now, each creative.space node comes with integrated technologies like LDAP, FTP, VPN, mDNS, and more that are typically set up and maintained as separate servers.

our future

Enter Phase Two

Now that the foundational storage layer has been built, DigitalGlue is focused on solving workflow bottlenecks through an end-to-end suite of creative tools. This solution will be built around the tools that teams already use, turning industry best practices into procedural workflows that don't require hands-on training. By connecting pre-production, production, and post into a single platform, teams will experience what our customers have been calling the "Holy Grail" of workflows, where everything is managed and connected automatically in line with the natural creative process. We like to call it our "MAM-less MAM". Every step we take furthers our mission to "minimize the time it takes to turn vision into reality".


On-Premise Managed Storage

What is OPMS?

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