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Why us

On-Premise Managed Storage Solution

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Rethink Storage

As a systems integrator, we’ve watched our customers buy into and then sober up to the myth of the cloud. Typical cloud workflows force teams to manage their production assets in two places - local and cloud storage. With creative.space, these two places become one through our enterprise storage at your facility that can be accessed remotely at any time. We call it "Fog".

Advantages of Fog Storage:

  • Secure 1/10/25/40/100GB connections from your workstations to your storage
  • Intuitive software with built-in features and tools designed for creatives
  • All-inclusive proactive monitoring and support
  • Fixed monthly or annual payments with no hidden fees or variable ingress/egress costs
On-premise managed storage Solution

A New Model for Storage

creative.space is designed to provide creatives the performance they need without the technical burden of maintaining IT systems. We deliver high-performance storage at your facility with fixed monthly payments and support included. Get the managed storage solution you need today and wait to expand until you actually need to.

All-inclusive service

Hardware, software, and support bundled as a turnkey service-based storage solution.

proactive monitoring

Over 2000 metrics tracked every second trigger alarms to help our team be proactively address bottlenecks.

Blazing Fast Performance

Next-gen hardware and software provide unparalleled performance without needing to scale.

Monthly Payments

Pay a flat monthly or annual rate that can be recognized as an operational expense.

“We believe that when creatives are given the tools they need to succeed, they are able to generate more value in less time. That is why we came up with a way to make cutting-edge solutions accessible to more teams.”

Nick Anderson
Product Manager, creative.space

a new model for storage

Cloud Storage vs O.P.M.S.

The Benefits of the Cloud with a System You Control



  • Located at your facility or data center
  • Connect via 1/10/25/40/100 GbE LAN or VPN
  • Access via web app, FTP, SMB, NFS, and more...


  • Data storage: fixed monthly payments
  • Network Usage: no additional cost
  • Operations usage: no additional cost
  • No retrieval and early deletion fees



  • Located at 3rd party facility
  • Limited to Internet Speeds
  • Access via web portal or sync folder


  • Data storage: pay per GB
  • Network Usage: pay to access and move data
  • Operations usage: pay per action
  • Retrieval and early deletion fees

Frequently Asked Questions

After years selling and supporting storage from other vendors, we created O.P.M.S. as a new business model to better meet the needs of customers.

What am I actually agreeing to?

Once we determine the right solution for you, from the actual storage to additional equipment like switches or networking cards, we send you a contract based of a one, two, or three year commitment. The longer the commitment, the lower the monthly rate.

What happens when my commitment period ends?

You keep paying your monthly rate and continue using your system. If you want to end your contract, just give us at least forty-five days notice and we will send someone to pick up the system.

What if I need to end my contract early?

We’ve thought about this and we know that it can be hard to know if you will have enough work years in advance to cover your expenses. This is why we give our customers the ability to just pay the difference in cost and convert their commitment as long as they give us forty-five days notice before the next year.

For example, if you signed up for a three year deal and you can’t afford to continue almost a year into your contract, just let us know forty-five days before the second year starts and just pay the difference for what it would cost if you had initially signed up for a one year deal.

Do I own the storage?

No, you are paying a service rate for hardware, software, and support. If you owned the storage, you would have to claim it on your taxes as a capital expenditure. Instead, you can claim it as an operational expense and have it deducted from your taxes.

Storage does not retain long term value. Like a car, it depreciates the second you start using it. If you purchase and manage storage yourself, you will need to prepare to purchase a new system every few years and migrate your data. With creative.space's managed service, we handle this all for you. You get the system you need at a fixed rate and we handle replacements and work with you to coordinate migration of data. Basically, we take on the burdens of acquiring and managing storage so you can focus on more important things.

Do I have to cover the storage under my insurance?

Yes, since the storage will be at your facility, it must be covered under your insurance.

How do I upgrade or expand my storage?

Whenever you need to add to or upgrade your storage, we will work with you to negotiate an amendment to your contract. The result will be an increase in your monthly payments and possibly a new commitment duration.


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