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The Manager | Secure Shared Media
Storage for Creatives

Intuitive interfaces for what you need to do and proactive support for the tech stuff.

Pain Points

creative.space's secure shared media storage solution is easy to manage and backed by a team of experts you can trust.


Are you navigating changing tech alone?

Post Production is a unique cross-section between creativity and technology. While the technology advances exponentially, creative teams must adapt and build their own pathway to success with little to no guidance. For over 18 years, DigitalGlue has helped customers deploy the best multi-vendor workflows, filling in any gaps with custom software. We focus on the cutting edge, so you can focus on your team's day-to-day needs.


Do you struggle getting the resources you need?

Calculating how much money is truly wasted on an inefficient drive-based workflow can be stressful and eye-opening. Juggling drives seems like the cheapest option short term, but the hidden labor costs of managing multiple copies of data across numerous hard drives can end up busting the budget long term and isn't scalable. creative.space was built to simplify and streamline collaborative media storage for creatives at an affordable monthly or annual rate with no hidden fees. The DigitalGlue team is here every step of the way as a resource to help restructure and implement the most efficient workflow for your unique needs.


We've built tools that make it easy for managers to diagnose day-to-day issues immediately and a proactive support system to help us catch the technical things before you notice.


Manage your team without complex tools

The right storage solution should reduce stress, not create it. creative.space provides a shared media storage solution complete with an intuitive software and user interface that gives managers full control over their system without the need for an I.T. department or any specialized technical knowledge. The numerous built-in tools are complex on the backend, but simple on the front end. An intuitive user interface provides a central hub for your team's data that can be managed securely by the administrator.


Resolve bottlenecks before they impact work

The days of wasting time on hold with a help desk after a storage outage has already occurred are over. The creative.space system monitor is tracking thousands of metrics in real-time and proactively alerting the DigitalGlue team as soon as the first symptoms of a possible roadblock arise. Our engineers are then able to securely investigate and fix the issue on the backend before it has the chance to escalate and disrupt your workflow.

Proof Points

A partnership with DigitalGlue is ongoing and does not end after implementation. Our engineers work with post production managers to create a purpose-built storage solution that meets your video needs today with the flexibility to grow as you scale both your team and business.


Migrating to creative.space

creative.space is more than just another storage platform. Our team of engineering veterans will analyze your current workflow and provide valuable insights on where improvements can be made in order to save your company both time and money long term. We are tackling real day-to-day issues that post production teams encounter and building solutions that are intuitive and scalable. The ability to seamlessly work with the same files on site and remotely is a catalyst for growth, and we believe that it's possible to reach that "Holy Grail" workflow; allowing teams to collaborate without breaking creative flow.


Ongoing DevOps

Shared media storage needs can change day to day and from project to project so we built the most adaptable solution on the market. Our approach to software development focuses on integrating features that are intuitive and require little to no in-person training or technical knowledge to use. The DigitalGlue team works with production companies like Brat TV to implement a creative.space system that is fully customized around the editing tools and workflows they use day-to-day.


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