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Monitoring & Alerts

Over 2000 metrics are tracked every second, triggering hundreds of alarms to your team and ours, based on your security needs.


Does your support only start when you report an issue?

In addition to the cost of storage, customers are typically encouraged to purchase an annual support contract which gives them access to a hotline, email address, or knowledge base they can access when problems arise. Dealing with this type of reactive support that most storage vendors offer can be time consuming and derail entire project timelines. creative.space offers collaborative storage with unprecedented system monitoring capabilities and proactive support for one all-inclusive monthly or annual price.


Visualize system health and receive alarms

creative.space's advanced monitoring tracks over 2000 metrics per second, triggering alarms that notify internal and external proactive support teams when potential issues arise. The built-in monitoring dashboard displays intuitive charts for system management, and administrators can view connected users as well as their usage to address bandwidth bottlenecks right away.


Real by Fake

Real by Fake provides post production services for prestigious features and episodic television. They work under tight deadlines with no room for down time or roadblocks. creative.space's proactive support has been essential in keeping their storage operational and catching issues before they impact work. In one instance using temperature data, our support team was able to notify the customer of an air conditioning outage that occurred during non-business hours, preventing the loss of an entire server room due to overheating.

Features that drive success

We’ve created a central hub for your data to make it easier for you and your team to navigate, collaborate, and participate in the creative process. The goal of creative.space’s content management software is to make everyday tasks quick and intuitive so that you can spend less time juggling drives and more time focusing on being creative.


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