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The RED User | Storage for RAW Media

Securely connect to your high-performance media storage from anywhere and start working with the applications you love.

Introducing the First Ever B4 to RF Mount Built for RED Cameras

DigitalGlue together with Breakthrough Photography have developed the MC-1 B4 to RF mount lens adapter specifically built for the RED Digital Cinema V-RAPTOR and KOMODO Cameras. Designed to take advantage of the RED Multiformat RAW sensor design, the lens mount is machined out of a single block of aircraft grade aluminum with Titanium and Steel mounting flanges to provide a robust solid connection between the camera and lens. By utilizing the RED Multiformat Sensor the lens mount does not require any optical element, ensuring full lens illumination and sharpness. The B4 to RF mount provides full HD imaging on standard 2/3 inch B4 mount lens and UHD imaging when engaging a lens’s built-in doubler. On the RED V-RAPTOR, this would enable up to 480 fps in HD and 120 fps in UHD.

A True Digital Film Camera

The new RED KOMODO digital cinema camera makes filmic quality digital video capture easily accessible to a wide range of organizations. What makes the KOMODO truly unique in comparison to other options in its price range is the combination of a Global Shutter and RED’s patented RAW compression technology. This Global Shutter allows the entire digital sensor to be exposed simultaneously, unlike the Rolling Shutter found in most digital cameras that sequentially exposes the photosites on the sensor. The KOMODO eliminates artifacts commonly found in digital video to create a more cinematic viewing experience, enabling a whole new generation of storytellers to produce visually stunning video.

A Flexible Content Creation Tool

Providing both internal RAW recording and live 4K output, the RED KOMODO is a universal tool for your creative process. In addition to being ideal for narrative, documentary, and commercial productions, the KOMODO can also bring a cinematic quality to live productions. With both RAW and ProRes internal capture, high quality files can be captured in camera while the 4K output feed is used for the live event. After the event is over, the high quality files can be used to remaster the event for long-term viewing. With a new simplified RAW compression model, organizations can strategically balance quality and data footprint. The KOMODO provides a single tool for content creation that adapts to any kind of content.

Storage Optimized for RED Media Workflows

Of course with this increased capability comes an increased demand on storage and creative.space is your answer. Our entire server line-up, from the portable //ROGUE PRO to the all-flash //BREATHLESS, is optimized for real-time streaming of high-bandwidth video files. The creative.space hardware and software platform allows teams to collaborate by connecting to the same files locally or over the internet. RED Mags can be ingested directly into the server using the on-board USB ports and the creative.space web app. Each server also features built-in access control, an FTP server, and VPN integration that enable both remote mounting for proxy-based video editing and accelerated file transfers. The creative.space platform is the turnkey storage solution for RED workflows.

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