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Seamless Collaboration
for Video Teams

A shared storage server at your location. We handle the technical stuff so you can focus on what matters - being creative.

award-winning storage platform

Simplify your workflow - make collaboration easy

The constant distraction of file management disrupts your creative momentum and wastes valuable time. Each interruption disrupts your creative potential and quality suffers.

Is the clock racing against you, causing quality to take a backseat? Disorganized projects, scattered files, and non-existent version tracking are disrupting your creative flow. You're tired of never being able to find anything when a project is done. It's time to break free from this cycle.

Centralize everything in one place. All team members, local or remote, have simultaneous access to a single, organized storage location. Swift and secure transfers are no longer a hurdle, but a seamless part of your workflow.

10 TB Free Cloud Storage

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our cloud storage offering, we've set aside a petabyte of storage to give away to select early adopters. That's 10 TB of high-performance cloud storage for 6 months, free.

storage as a MANAGED service

Pay as You Grow

Start with the capacity and performance you need today and then adapt to changing needs with our flexible contracts.

made with 

Hear what our customers think about our service

Witness the power of seamless collaboration through our satisfied customers. They've overcome challenges and reaped rewards. Their stories can be your reality too.


Our contractors outside of these four walls can still access all of the footage, all of the projects, and we can work seamlessly together.

Briauna Hankins
Lead Filmmaker and Video Editor, Faith Promise Church

I get the technology that I need. The support that I need. And the ability to afford more storage than I would have been able to if I had to go out and buy it or set up a lease.

Steve Bannerman
CEO, Real by Fake
storage designed for creatives

How We're Different

Most storage options require a big up-front investment, an expensive support contract, and an in-house I.T. team to manage day to day operations. We don't.
High-performance without scaling
Spread out cost over multiple years
Easy to use software platform
Simple mounting with Desktop App
Built-in remote workflow tools
Provides 24/7 proactive support
One flat service rate, no surprises
Other NAS Storage
Redundant hardware for performance
Massive payment up-front
Needs on-site I.T. to manage
Access complicated IP addresses
Requires 3rd party cloud services
Reactive support
Complicated fee structure

Turnkey storage for creatives

Each server packs the power of a datacenter behind an intuitive user experience designed for teams of non-technical creatives and video workflows.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just buy the storage?

After decades of seeing our customers struggle in the budgeting process to get what they need, we designed a service that spreads the cost out over the lifespan of the hardware and lets you adapt to changing needs.

What backup and recovery systems does creative.space have in place?

The storage platform is built on ZFS, which provides data-integrity, self-healing, software RAID, and a very powerful feature called Snapshots that lets you recover data. However, we still recommend backing up to a separate storage tier, such as tape or glacier cloud.

What kind of security measures are in place to protect my data?

Control access to spaces, folders, and files out of the box, using our built-in OpenLDAP server. Everything can be controlled in our intuitive web app without needing any prior knowledge or experience in IT. Assign roles to determine what users can see and do in our apps.

What does the service include?

A physical network-attached storage server at your location that your entire team can access using simple and intuitive software, plus a remote team of experts who monitor the system and handle the technical stuff.

Is there a media asset management (MAM) system included?

Use our folder structure templates feature to keep everything organized. Browse spaces in our web app to view media assets and metadata. Deeper media management workflows are coming soon as part of our new //STREAMLINE offering.

What happens if I cancel my contract or it ends and I don't renew?

Just migrate your data, do a full system wipe, and send the hardware back to us. If you want to get out early, let us know at least 45 days before your anniversary and we'll revise the contract to the current year and you just pay the difference as if you started out with that term.


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