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Zettabyte File System (ZFS)

This next-gen storage architecture provides enterprise-level performance and features without the limitations of legacy solutions.


Have you struggled with enterprise storage?

For over a decade, the only way to achieve the performance necessary for real-time playback of high resolution video was to purchase a scale-out enterprise Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN). These solutions use redundancy to maintain performance and avoid request collisions on any individual disk, resulting in costs reaching six or seven figures.


ZFS is high-performance, without legacy storage issues

We are dedicated to providing the highest performance storage solution at the lowest cost to our customers. The ZFS file system uses an in-memory database to transfer and deliver data faster than legacy storage at a fraction of the cost. While managing ZFS typically requires an expert I.T. team, the creative.space Web Application makes it simple and intuitive for non-technical creatives.


Brat TV & Real by Fake

creative.space's ZFS integration has enabled Brat TV and Real by Fake to expand their workflow to 4K and HDR projects. The Web Application syncs data between HDD and SSD tiers to provide real-time playback of image sequences, such as 4K OpenEXR. The ZFS file system provides a high level of protection that offers peace of mind to the Real by Fake team of artists who know their data is safe from corruption at all times.

Features that drive success

We’ve created a central hub for your data to make it easier for you and your team to navigate, collaborate, and participate in the creative process. The goal of creative.space’s content management software is to make everyday tasks quick and intuitive so that you can spend less time juggling drives and more time focusing on being creative.


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