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Software-defined storage

In-memory database. Everything is stored on disk, so you can move drive pools between servers. System updates can't cause data loss, since there is no metadata controller.

ARC technology. An adaptive replacement cache pulls files into RAM to provide game-changing performance without SSDs or clustering.


Data integrity

Copy-on-write. Data is never overwritten. Every block of data is written to a new part of the disk, checksummed, and verified.

Snapshots. Create instant backups that don't take up any space until files are deleted or modified and can be used to restore them.

Virtual Devices

Storage pools. Aggregate all of your drives into a single pool that can be divided into shares spaces without losing performance.

Quotas and reservations. Allocate your available capacity by setting limits for how big a space can get and reserving capacity for a space, preventing others from using it.


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