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Optimized Storage for Post-Production Applications

Working with the software creatives have come to rely on for over two decades requires special optimizations in order to achieve real-time performance.

Avid Media Composer

Collaborate between local and remote users with shared Spaces and bin-locking


Easy collaboration without proprietary workflows

AVID Media Composer is the industry standard for high-end post production. It's robust project, bin, and media management architecture have made it the go-to for collaborate workflows for two decades. Utilizing these features with shared storage typically requires purchasing a proprietary AVID storage system that integrates directly with Media Composer, but with creative.space, customers can unlock these same features at a lower cost, with higher performance, more intuitive software, and proactive support.


Shared storage and bin locking with Mimiq

Mimiq is a simple Avid-style bin locking utility for third-party NAS environments. It runs on your taskbar, allowing multiple editors to collaborate using the same projects, bins, and media. Mimiq was designed specifically to provide AVID editors access to low-cost higher performance storage with the same features and workflow as UNITY, ISIS, and NEXUS solutions from AVID.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Take your workflow to the next level with Productions and creative.space


Collaborating with Adobe Productions

Collaborative Adobe Premiere Pro workflows have been more of a myth than a reality. Now, Adobe has released Productions, a container for multiple project files that works a lot like bin-locking in AVID Media Composer. Within a Production, sequences can reference media and sequences in other projects, dramatically improving media management and collaboration between users.


High-performance shared storage for post-productions

Adobe Premiere Pro features wide format support with GPU acceleration allowing users to work directly with high-bandwidth files captured directly by cameras. creative.space provides the performance and features needed to enable entire teams to work in real-time with the same project and media files, wherever they are. The DigitalGlue team has helped clients implement the most efficient local and remote workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro that incorporate proxies, metadata management, and round-tripping with other applications.

DaVinci Resolve

Master bullet-proof workflows with the industry's most powerful media processing engine


Conquering snowflake workflows

As an all-in-one post production powerhouse, every production can benefit from DaVinci Resolve in some way. As the industry's top color and finishing tool, Resolve is the ultimate translation engine for working between applications. Even if you are editing in another application, using DaVinci Resolve to generate dailies with embedded metadata is key to a bullet-proof round-trip workflow. When it comes to collaboration, nobody quite does it like DaVinci Resolve.


Achieve seamless real-time collaboration

Used by the biggest blockbuster movies and prestige TV shows for color and finishing, DaVinci Resolve is typically the last stop before distribution where artists work with media at the highest quality possible. With creative.space's next-generation architecture, even the most demanding high-bandwidth formats can be played back in real-time. Jump right into DaVinci Resolve collaborative workflows by using the PostgreSQL database server included with every creative.space system and connect remote users via the built-in VPN.

Final Cut Pro X

We optimized Spaces to get the most out of Final Cut Pro X


Optimized for
Final Cut Pro X

We've optimized our entire line-up of systems for Final Cut Pro X. Custom-tuned Spaces provide blazing fast performance for your entire team that allows everyone to seamlessly connect to media and Libraries.


Centralize your libraries

A creative.space system is a central hub for all of your libraries and media assets that can be accessed by your team wherever they are. Divide your storage into Spaces with user and group permissions to keep all of your content secure. With a built-in VPN, remote users can connect and work with low-bandwidth proxy media.


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