It's Here! Introducing 3.0

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to our software! We have implemented various upgrades and new features to deliver an improved, user-friendly experience for all our customers. Reach out today to schedule a hands-on demo! 

Here’s a quick summary of the enhancements:

New and Improved Desktop Application
We rebuilt the Desktop App from the ground up to simplify collaboration, allowing quick and easy sharing of folders and files through simple drag and drop.

  • Redesigned User Interface: All your systems in a single dashboard with a new sidebar for quick navigation.
  • Updated File Browsing Experience: View files and launch them in the default OS application with a simple click.
  • Folder/File Upload and Download: Transfer assets to and from Spaces seamlessly, without zipping
  • Convenient Update Center: Simple software updates with separate channels for the latest and beta releases.

Spaces Browser and Inspector Updates
The web app provides a cloud-like user experience for interacting with all your multimedia assets.

  • Enhanced File Management: Easier and more intuitive navigation, with a clear distinction between directory names and available actions.
  • Versatile Upload and Download Options: Added support for drag-and-drop uploads and lifted restrictions on download file sizes.
  • Advanced Upload Queue: New modal for managing multiple uploads simultaneously with features to pause, resume, and reorder jobs.
  • Zip Functionality: Comprehensive zip tools for listing, zipping, and unzipping files.
  • Secure Transfers: Added SSL certification for secure connections over ZeroTier VPN.
  • Expanded Inspector Functionality: Previews now support over 200 image formats and browser-supported video formats, with an HTML-5 player for 360° video formats (VR).
  • Thumbnail Generation and Downloads: Generates thumbnails for image and video formats that can be downloaded for quick access.
  • Metadata Support: The Inspector now provides detailed insights such as duration, resolution, Codec, bit rate, and more for your media files.

Introducing Libraries and Tagging
A new way to browse media assets in your Space through tag-based filtering.

  • Libraries: These act as dedicated databases within each Space, allowing you to filter and view your tagged assets easily.
  • Color-Coded Tags: Visually intuitive system to categorize and filter your assets based on your criteria.
  • Tag Groups and Tag Sections: Adds a layer of organization to your tagging system with color-coded tags and collapsible segments in your UI.
  • Applying Tags: An efficient and intuitive process to apply tags to a single file or multiple files, including the option to tag the contents of a folder.
  • Filtering the Viewport: Enhanced system to apply selected tags and typed inputs for thorough asset filtering.
  • Effortless Navigation between Spaces and Libraries: Seamless transition between Spaces and Libraries with quick context view on hovering over colored tags.
  • Inspecting Assets: Updated Inspector is fully functional within Libraries, providing comprehensive previews and metadata.
  • Client User Role: Tailored client portals via Libraries with controlled access to the file system.

Expanded Ingest Support for SMB and FTP
Turn your system into a central hub by connecting your servers, cameras, and recording devices.

  • Advanced SMB and FTP Connections: Read-only SMB and FTP connections are now supported with the ability to share SMB connections with an LDAP group.
  • Enhanced Ingest Reports: Detailed feedback on your data transfer tasks for FTP, SMB, and USB copy operations.
  • Support for Blackmagic Design Products: Support for ingesting from multiple Blackmagic Design Hyperdecks and FTP transfers from USB devices attached to Blackmagic Design Ateme Mini products.

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