Experience the Future of Video Production at NAB Show 2023 with DigitalGlue, Producer: Maker Machina, and Nyriad

Murrieta, CA - March 27, 2023 - DigitalGlue is excited to announce its participation in the 2023 NAB Show, where they will be showcasing,, their high-performance shared storage platform, Producer: Maker Machina’s production management software, and RED Digital Cinema broadcast cameras. Their booth, N1006, will provide attendees with a seamless and efficient video workflow experience, highlighting the benefits of these advanced solutions.

At the DigitalGlue booth, NAB Show 2023 attendees can expect to explore:

DigitalGlue: Discover, the award-winning Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) platform that's revolutionizing on-premise video storage and streamlining digital workflows. Experience lightning-fast access to your assets, whether you're in the office or working remotely while enjoying a user-friendly interface designed for creatives of all skill levels. With innovative features like Play-on-Desktop functionality, customizable folder templates, and 24/7 proactive monitoring, is the game-changing solution that's transforming the way video teams work and save on capital budgets.

Producer: Maker Machina: ProFlow™, a comprehensive cloud-based production management software platform that enables teams to work more efficiently, reduce costs, and collaborate from anywhere. Witness firsthand how Producer operates on-prem as part of the platform and provides an integrated review and approval pipeline.

Seamless integration: Discover how the partnership with Producer: Maker Machina empowers users to achieve an uninterrupted video workflow from pre to post-production. The combination of solutions provides all the essential tools needed to create high-quality content from inception to completion.

RED Digital Cinema Cameras: Explore the cutting-edge RED Digital Cinema broadcast cameras showcased at the booth, demonstrating the latest in camera technology and empowering content creators with exceptional image quality and performance.

In addition to their own booth, DigitalGlue will be present at Nyriad's booth N1029, where they will offer additional demonstrations that highlight the collaboration between DigitalGlue and Nyriad, which serves to improve performance, resilience, and efficiency in media production workflows while simplifying complex IT-centric tasks through a user-friendly experience. The UltraIO™ system can endure up to 20 simultaneous drive failures without any data loss while maintaining 95% of its maximum throughput, allowing teams to work without disruption. The combined solution of a single UltraIO™ storage array and a highly available pair of servers achieve the sustained performance of up to 12GB/s of concurrent reads and writes through in a system with 3.3PB of usable capacity. By merging Nyriad's UltraIO™ data storage system with DigitalGlue's platform, creatives, and collaborators can maximize resources, eliminate expensive delays in post-production, and consistently deliver exceptional content on time and within budget. won the NAB 2022 Product of the Year Award for video storage and aims to achieve the honor again this year. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse in the future of video production and experience the powerful collaboration between, Producer: Maker Machina, and RED Digital Cinema broadcast cameras. DigitalGlue eagerly anticipates sharing its cutting-edge innovations and helping attendees revolutionize their video production process.


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