DigitalGlue's Collaborative Storage Solution Unleashes New Era of Efficiency for Global Flooring Titan

Murrieta, CA – August 25, 2023 - Building on a successful track record working with post-production houses, professional sports, houses of worship, and corporate America, DigitalGlue is proud to welcome a top-tier flooring company with globally recognized brands to its expanding list of clientele. This multifaceted enterprise, renowned for managing several internationally acclaimed brands, has chosen, DigitalGlue's innovative on-premise managed storage platform, to enhance its operational workflow. This new partnership illustrates the expanding influence of across diverse industry domains.

The Challenge

This global flooring juggernaut was wrestling with an outdated external HDD-based storage system, creating operational bottlenecks that stifled efficiency. They needed a solution that was robust yet simple enough to support their complex requirements.

The Solution

The answer lay in, DigitalGlue's state-of-the-art storage and collaboration platform.

  • Unified Workflow: merges storage, collaboration, file transfer, and media asset management into one cohesive workflow. This integration simplifies the creative process, reducing the need for additional hardware or multiple software subscriptions.
  • Collaboration without Boundaries: Serving as a central hub for media, allows both local and remote access via secure URLs and an integrated VPN, ensuring that the teams of this multinational entity collaborate effectively, regardless of their physical location.
  • Innovative User Experience: The web interface, with its HTML-5 player and thumbnail support for over 200 formats, transforms the user experience, allowing previews of assets and easy access to metadata.
  • Folder and File Transfers: Upload and download functionality provides an efficient and user-friendly solution for asset sharing and management to and from the networked storage without size restrictions or added costs. The newly developed Desktop Application safeguards complex folder structures from corruption during transfers.

The Result

The decision by this leading flooring enterprise to employ is anticipated to substantially uplift their operational efficiency and productivity, demonstrating a commitment to utilizing advanced technology for business optimization.


In this age of digital transformation, businesses must be agile, efficient, and proactive. DigitalGlue's is at the forefront of this evolution, providing solutions that revolutionize workflows and foster collaboration. To learn more about our cutting-edge storage solutions and how they can be tailored to your unique needs, email or call 888.519.2021 today!


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DigitalGlue's Collaborative Storage Solution Unleashes New Era of Efficiency for Global Flooring Titan

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