DigitalGlue Unveils 3.0 and //STREAMLINE: Unlocking Effortless Collaboration for Video Post-Production Teams

Visit us at NAB 2023 Booth N1006 for a Live Demo!

April 10, 2023 - DigitalGlue introduces //STREAMLINE, a radically simple collaboration solution for video post-production teams, built on the innovative 3.0 platform. Previewing at the 2023 NAB show, this groundbreaking combination redefines the collaboration process, providing a seamless and effortless experience for users working with Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

Overcoming the Limitations of Cloud Workflows

The new 3.0 release elevates on-premises storage by providing a cloud-like experience without the drawbacks of conventional cloud storage. Serving as a central storage hub, NAS servers allow local or remote access through secure URLs and VPN. Users can preview assets and access metadata with an HTML-5 player and thumbnail support for over 200 formats. The updated web and desktop apps enable unlimited free uploads and downloads, providing an efficient, user-friendly alternative for asset sharing without depending on cloud storage that comes with all the benefits of network-attached storage.

Bundle and Exchange Sequences with Turnovers

//STREAMLINE enhances 3.0 by simplifying content sharing from creative applications. It lets users bundle sequences from open projects in supported applications into a "Turnover" package, which includes XML files and mapped file paths. Assets are centrally stored, reducing storage costs. Turnovers enable easy access to required assets from central shared storage and transfer them as needed.

Simple Content Sharing with Conversations

The new "Conversations" feature adds instant messaging to the desktop app, allowing users to share assets and Turnovers with collaborators, who can then import them into their projects with the click of a button. Together, 3.0 and //STREAMLINE offer a radically simple workflow, specifically designed for video post-production professionals.

Nick Anderson, Product Manager for, comments, “We’re excited to bring //STREAMLINE to the industry, which was developed to address the unique needs of video content creators and simplify their workflow like never before.”

Experience the future of collaboration workflows at NAB 2023, booth N1006 and discover how DigitalGlue's //STREAMLINE and 3.0 can transform your content creation process.


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