DigitalGlue Showcases 8K Capture Direct to with RED Connect at NAB 2023

Las Vegas, NV - May 23, 2023- DigitalGlue, a leading provider of innovative media solutions, showcased an unprecedented workflow integration using the official RED Connect Module in conjunction with their acclaimed network-attached storage (NAS) system at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2023. The live demonstration solidified the power of RED Connect and in revolutionizing the ingest process and elevating media production workflows.

During the NAB Show, was honored with the prestigious NAB Product of the Year award, recognizing its groundbreaking capabilities in streamlining media management and enabling seamless collaboration. This recognition further cements DigitalGlue's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform the media and entertainment industry.

The highlight of the demonstration was the integration of RED Connect with a server, capturing stunning 8K footage directly to the NAS system. Leveraging the high-speed 10 GbE fiber connection, the workflow enabled media professionals to record cinema-quality R3D video with unparalleled efficiency and reliability. By eliminating the need for time-consuming file transfers, this groundbreaking solution saves valuable time in post-production, allowing creatives to focus on their vision and accelerate their content delivery.

One of the standout features of this integrated workflow is how enhances content protection. Each server is equipped with a built-in OpenLDAP authentication system, ensuring that RED footage is written to the ZFS filesystem with user and group permissions defined by the system administrator. This end-to-end security ensures that the workflow and content remain secure throughout the entire process. Additionally, the integration of ZeroTier VPN provides remote users with secure access to the server, allowing for media access and transfer over an AES-256 encrypted connection, further safeguarding valuable content.

The web app complements this workflow by offering a robust media browser that supports thumbnail generation and metadata viewing specifically designed for RED footage. Media professionals can efficiently browse and manage their media assets, ensuring seamless organization and quick access to the content they need.

“We are thrilled to have been able to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of RED Connect and at NAB 2023,” said Philip Grossman, VP of Solutions Architecture at DigitalGlue. “The seamless integration of RED Connect with not only delivers unparalleled efficiency and reliability in the ingest process but also prioritizes content access through secure authentication, encrypted connections, and advanced media management features.”

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