DigitalGlue Makes Storage More Accessible Than Ever with Desktop Application Now Available for PC Users

Access from Anywhere with the Click of a Button

Atlanta, GA - August 12, 2020 - Now, more than ever before, accessibility is the key to a unified collaborative workflow. DigitalGlue is excited to announce the release of the Desktop Application for PC users. The platform offers storage as a managed service purpose-built and priced for creatives. Now, PC users can enjoy the same accessibility as Mac users such as connecting to Spaces, searching files and folders as well as applying folder structure templates.

Connect to Volumes (we call them “Spaces”) and collaborate with the click of a button without having to manage IP addresses. Unlike direct-attached drives, Spaces can be mounted by multiple users and workstations, allowing everyone to collaborate without duplicating data. Windows manages Volumes differently than Mac, mapping mounts to a drive letter. This drive letter then becomes the root of the file path that gets referenced by creative applications, so it is important for all users to mount to the same drive letter to avoid relinking.

Folder Structure Templates created in the Web Application can be applied from within the Desktop Application as well. Folder Structure Templates make it easy for Administrators to standardize folder and file organization and even create documents and project files for other users to start from. Additional features like Bookmarks and the Filter Bar have been added to minimize the time spent looking for specific Spaces and folders. Bookmarks allow users to bring Spaces and folders to the top of the list for quick access, and the Filter Bar lets users search for Spaces and folders by name.

The Desktop Application supports adding and mounting Spaces across multiple systems. Customers can connect to their Spaces across multiple nodes, IP addresses, and even through a VPN. As long as the node can be reached through the IP address, the desktop app will let users see and mount the Spaces they have access to. To learn more about the platform, email or call (888) 519 2021.


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