DigitalGlue Expands 2022 Vendor Line Card with RED Digital Cinemas Partnership

The entire line-up, from the portable //ROGUE PRO to the all-flash //BREATHLESS, is optimized for real-time streaming of high-bandwidth video files associated with RED digital cinema cameras.

Murrieta, CA – January 12, 2022 – DigitalGlue is excited to announce its partnership with RED Digital Cinema as an official systems integrator. DigitalGlue has been trusted by the world’s top content creators and distributors for 20 years as a technology partner and provider of video solutions. Beyond the addition of RED’s array of professional digital cinematography cameras and accessories, DigitalGlue will provide customers with curated workflow solutions that bring cinematic imagery to live productions. DigitalGlue’s innovative storage solution,, has the performance needed to handle the demanding 4K, 6K, and 8K video formats RED cameras require making the dynamic duo partnership the ideal workflow the industry has been waiting for.

With the RED Digital Sensor’s cinematic look, 6K and 8K options, R3D RAW workflow, and over 16 stops of dynamic range, creatives can immerse their audiences deeper into their storytelling. The introduction of the RED KOMODO 6K digital cinema camera makes filmic quality digital video capture affordable to a wider range of organizations and use cases. The KOMODO provides expanded capture options with the addition of a live 4K SDI video output. With both RAW and ProRes internal capture, high-quality files can be captured in camera while the 4K output feed can be used for live production. After the event is over, the high quality files can be used to remaster the event for long-term viewing. With a new simplified RAW compression model, organizations can strategically balance image quality and data rate. The KOMODO cinema camera is a unique creative tool that can adapt to any kind of content.

Of course with this increased capability comes an increased demand on storage and is the best solution for the job. The entire server line-up, from the portable //ROGUE PRO to the all-flash //BREATHLESS, is optimized for real-time streaming of high-bandwidth video files associated with RED digital cinema cameras. DigitalGlue President, Sean Busby, states “the ability to offer a very attractive discount on RED and packages will enable teams of all sizes and budgets to optimize their workflow.” The hardware and software platform allows teams to collaborate by connecting to the same files locally or over the internet. RED media can be ingested directly into the server using the on-board USB ports and the web app. Each server also features built-in access control, an FTP server, and VPN integration that enable both remote mounting for proxy-based video editing and accelerated file transfers. The platform is the turnkey storage solution for RED workflows and can save production teams time and money.

New to RED? DigitalGlue team members Nick Anderson and Philip Grossman are REDucation certified and ready to answer any and all questions on how to optimize your workflow with RED and the platform.


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