DigitalGlue Announces Major League Sports Franchises as New Customers

Atlanta-Based Teams Choose the //AUTEUR Storage System to Optimize Video Post-Production Workflows

ATLANTA, GA – June 14, 2023 – DigitalGlue, a leader in technology solutions, is proud to announce that two prominent major league sports franchises have joined its growing roster of customers. Their clientele, which spans a wide spectrum of industries, includes television networks, post-production firms, Fortune 100 companies, houses of worship, and music festivals. With this latest addition, professional sports franchises also join the ranks, further diversifying the portfolio of industries served by DigitalGlue.

Major league sports post-production teams often face intricate challenges, including the crucial need for robust data management, streamlined workflow processes, and remote access to extensive libraries of media content. Targeting these issues, the //AUTEUR storage system from offers an advanced, adaptable solution designed to boost workflow continuity and fortify data security.

Recognizing the potential of the //AUTEUR system, both sports franchises have embraced it to optimize their post-production workflows for video content like game highlights, player profiles, team promotions, training, and behind-the-scenes footage. The system's high-speed performance, despite the drive count, assures efficient data processing. Furthermore, its hard disk drive (HDD) storage delivers the requisite capacity and durability to handle the demanding workloads of modern sports content creation.

A standout feature of the //AUTEUR system is its connectivity, which aligns with the critical requirements of modern sports production environments. With USB ports for direct data ingestion and an array of Ethernet connectivity options compatible with 1, 10, 25, 40, or 100 GbE NIC cards, the system ensures seamless data transfer and effortless remote access. Enhancing this connectivity,'s built-in ZeroTier VPN allows secure remote access, an essential feature in today's increasingly mobile work environment.

The software-defined flexibility of the //AUTEUR storage system, allowing for the movement of storage pools between systems, is another notable feature. This adaptability ensures that the system can respond to varying project requirements and offers a clear migration path for future capacity upgrades.

With the addition of these franchises to the customer base, DigitalGlue reaffirms its commitment to delivering secure, budget-friendly, and flexible storage solutions, specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of the major league sports post-production industry.


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