DigitalGlue Announces Certification of with Grass Valley EDIUS for Video Editorial

Murrieta, CA – May 1, 2024 – DigitalGlue, a leading provider of advanced media storage solutions, today announced the official certification of its innovative storage platform,, for use with Grass Valley EDIUS, the preferred video editing software for many broadcast and media professionals. This certification marks a significant milestone in providing EDIUS users with a seamless, efficient, and collaborative video editing experience. is designed to simplify and streamline the way media professionals interact with digital content. The desktop application ensures that media can be accessed, shared, and managed with unprecedented ease and security. 

“At Grass Valley, we're always looking for ways to enhance the editing experience for EDIUS users, and our partnership with DigitalGlue is a testament to that commitment. The certification of offers our users an exceptional storage solution that not only complements but elevates the capabilities of EDIUS. We are excited to see how this collaboration will empower editors to achieve greater creativity and efficiency in their projects,” said Adam Marshall, Chief Product Officer at Grass Valley.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Simplified Media Access: Shared storage spaces can be mounted to the desktop by non-technical users without a background in information technology, allowing for a streamlined workflow and immediate access to media assets and project files within EDIUS.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Secure link sharing and HTTPS upload/download functionality facilitate seamless collaboration among creative teams, regardless of location.
  • Bookmark and Launch: Jump into a project or play media on the desktop in its default application with a single action. Bookmark a file in the desktop app or web browser of choice for quick access.
  • Remote Workflows: Seamlessly move between local and remote networks with automatic switching in the desktop app. Utilize VPN integration to connect to a server remotely or screen share into a workstation with high-speed ethernet connectivity to the storage server. 
  • Managed Service: With DigitalGlue's commitment to proactive support, creative teams can focus on their craft, leaving system maintenance and hardware management to the experts.
  • This certification comes after rigorous testing by the team, ensuring that storing media assets and project files on the platform not only meets but exceeds the performance and reliability standards required by professional video editors.

"We are thrilled to see certified for use with Grass Valley EDIUS. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing the creative community with tools that enhance creativity and productivity," said Sean Busby, President at DigitalGlue. "With this certification, EDIUS users can now leverage the full potential of to make their video editing projects faster, more collaborative, and more efficient than ever before."

The partnership between DigitalGlue and Grass Valley reflects a shared vision for empowering creative professionals by enhancing their technology ecosystem.  The combination of with EDIUS is poised to set new standards in media production workflows, offering unmatched speed, affordability, and user-centric features.

For more information about how can transform your EDIUS video editing workflow, visit


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