Sold Exclusively by DigitalGlue: Breakthrough Photography Develops Award-Winning First Pro B4 to RF Mount for the RED V-RAPTOR and KOMODO

Murrieta, CA - May 10, 2022 - DigitalGlue, in partnership with Breakthrough Photography, is excited to announce the release of the industry’s first professional B4 to RF lens mount designed specifically for RED Digital Cinema’s V-RAPTOR and KOMODO cameras multi-sensor formats. The new MC-1 mount enables broadcast organizations to adopt the latest cinema technology while maximizing their investment in professional B4 lenses. Acknowledging its impact on the media and entertainment industry, ProductionHUB selected the MC-1 B4 to RF mount as a 2022 NAB Show Award of Excellence recipient. DigitalGlue is an official RED Digital Cinemas systems integrator and can provide a complete packaged solution. 

The invention of the B4 to RF mount saves DigitalGlue customers money by allowing them to purchase and use a RED camera without needing new lenses which are the most expensive part of the cinema camera assembly. The MC-1 mount allows HD, 120 fps on the RED Komodo and UHD, 60 fps utilizing a lenses doubler all while maintaining the lens’ zoom and aperture ranges. The RED Raptor enables HD 240 fps and UHD 120 fps through the utilization of a lenses built-doubler. Now, Broadcast organizations can achieve a cinematic look with upwards of 17 stops of dynamic range, smooth highlight roll-offs, and exceptional low light performance. 

Additionally, the RED Komodo brings its cinema global shutter for the first time to the world of live broadcast. This advancement gives broadcasters the ability to shoot both live and recorded cinematic images, maximizing their current investment in broadcast B4 lenses with a single camera. The B4 Mount will also enable video teams to extend their overall investment in the RED Digital Cinema ecosystem by allowing them to utilize their existing RF and PL based lenses, extending the overall investment in the RED Digital Cinema ecosystem. To learn more or place an order, email or call 949.388.9078 and press 2 for sales. 

B4 to RF Mount on V-RAPTOR

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From the lens of the camera to the viewer’s screen, DigitalGlue is a true glass-to-glass systems integrator, partnering with trusted vendors and supplying the equipment necessary to enable the production and distribution of digital video to billions of viewers each day. 

DigitalGlue enables creatives to work more efficiently through their in-house custom software development, innovative content creation and production solutions, and a multi-tiered approach to eliminating technology roadblocks. As a trusted systems integrator for companies such as The Home Depot, Coca-Cola Studios, Crew Cuts, Brat TV, and Church of the Resurrection, the DigitalGlue team has over two decades of real-world experience identifying and solving our client’s workflow issues. 

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