NEWS POST’s ZeroTier VPN Integration Simplifies Storage Access Complexity for Remote Workflows

ZeroTier VPN Integration Simplifies Storage Access Complexity for Remote Workflows

Atlanta, GA - January 13, 2021 - The platform is designed to make the day-to-day lives of creatives easier. DigitalGlue, the company behind, has a long history in custom software development; creating simple user interfaces that streamline complex tasks. The initial transition from collaborating in an office or studio to working from home full time due to COVID-19 added a new level of complexity when it comes to data accessibility and security. Due to these recurring remote workflow challenges, creatives have been reverting back to managing files and versioning across multiple devices; the exact problem was designed to solve. In response to these growing roadblocks, the DigitalGlue team of engineers went to work searching for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) partner that would integrate seamlessly into the platform and provide customers with a secure path to their data no matter where they are working from.

Enter ZeroTier. By combining the desktop app, built-in LDAP, mDNS, FTP, and the ZeroTier VPN, customers can instantly access their system remotely and start working right away, then securely transfer files when it's convenient. Users can mount remote Spaces to their desktop and edit using optimized proxies, then send renders to a workstation with local access to the source content. Unlike the cloud, with’s "Fog" network all the content can stay in one place for everyone to access from wherever they are. The "Fog" solution leverages the deep feature-set of the software and integrated ZeroTier VPN to securely extend access to remote users with the same intuitive interface they are familiar with.

Download the ZeroTier Integration Guide below and see how easy remote collaboration within your production team can be. If you have questions or would like to learn more about email or call 888.519.2021 today!


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