NEWS POST Storage Platform Provides a Pandemic-Proof Solution for Church of the Resurrection

Team of Remote Editors Save Time and Money with 192TB //AUTEUR and Two 48TB //ROGUE NAS Solutions

Murrieta, CA - February 11, 2021 - Now more than ever, having a post-production workflow supported by secure, accessible, and affordable technology is imperative. When the team of editors at Church of the Resurrection, the largest United Methodist congregation in the world, were forced to work from home full time due to COVID-19, provided the highly accessible and reliable network-attached storage solution they were looking for and more. 

Pre-pandemic, the church’s team of editors would work at the facility, editing Sunday services in realtime in order to get them finalized and posted that night. Working from home due to COVID-19 requirements presented an unprecedented workflow shift. The production team now had to copy content to another storage device after the service was finished then bring it to the editor’s house. This delay meant that editing wouldn’t be completed until around 2:00 am, instead of the typical 11:00 pm. It didn’t take long for the Church of the Resurrection team to start looking for networked storage and ways to eliminate this delay and facilitate an efficient remote workflow; leading them to’s On-Premise Managed Storage platform. 

DigitalGlue’s team of engineers worked with Church of the Resurrection to optimize one //AUTEUR and two portable //ROGUEs for their unique remote workflow needs. The 192TB //AUTEUR was installed at their facility with the two 48TB //ROGUEs at the editors’ houses. Instead of doubling transfer times by using the cloud, the church implemented’s Fog workflow with a built-in FTP server enabling peer-to-peer file transfers and syncing that is secured with AES-256 encryption through a VPN. Integrated with’s LDAP authentication, users can browse all the folders and files they have permission to see on the storage. Church of the Resurrection utilized an ATEM Mini ISO Pro, which has the ability to encode four H.264 streams via HDMI. By passing through the ISO camera feeds from their AJA KI PRO, edit-ready proxies are generated live. Using FTP, the proxies are synced to the //AUTEUR, and through the VPN, the editor can start editing in real-time over the internet without transferring files.’s work now, sync later methodology allows Church of the Resurrection’s team to work immediately without waiting on files to transfer. Editors have the option to open project files at the facility and render from the higher quality files captured on the AJA KI PRO, or when done for the night, the editor can use the FTP to sync the higher quality files and then render on their side.’s innovative storage platform bundles blazing-fast hardware, intuitive software, and proactive support into one affordable annual or monthly rate making it the secret ingredient to any post-production workflow whether working from home or in an office. Contact or call (888) 519-2021 to find the best solution for your team today. 


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