CLUTCH Performance Elevates Premiere Pro Collaboration with’s Fog Workflow

CLUTCH Performance enhances its video editing and collaboration capabilities by adopting DigitalGlue’s Fog Workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro, streamlining project management and team connectivity

Murrieta, CA – January 15, 2024 – CLUTCH Performance, a leading business acceleration firm in Minneapolis, has transformed its video editing process by adopting DigitalGlue’s platform. This integration of's //ROGUE PRO network-attached storage server into their Adobe Premiere Pro workflow is breaking down barriers to collaboration between both local and remote team members.

Simplifying Collaboration with Fog Workflow’s 'Fog' approach — Centralize, Optimize, and Localize — brings the cloud's convenience down to earth, offering a new paradigm in collaboration workflows:

  • Centralize: Team members, whether working on-site or remotely, can easily access project files directly on their desktop, through a web browser, or via FTP, all through the same storage used in their Premiere Pro projects.
  • Optimize: System Admins assess the performance limitations of local and remote users to implement a proxy workflow, leveraging the functionality available in Premiere Pro or a remote desktop solution like Parsec, Teradici, or the new high quality screen sharing in MacOS Sonoma.
  • Localize: Assets can be transferred efficiently via HTTPS and FTP when necessary. However, real-time access is prioritized for remote users, minimizing unneeded data transfers.

This innovative workflow approach allows CLUTCH Performance to stop waiting and keep creating.

Instant Sharing and Cost Efficiency

CLUTCH Performance’s workflow now benefits from the instant sharing capability of’s 'Fog' approach. Each file and folder on their 96TB //ROGUE PRO server has a shareable URL, streamlining access and collaboration. This eliminates the conventional upload-then-share process, saving both time and money.

With’s ‘Launch on Desktop’ feature the editors at CLUTCH Performance are able to sit down and jump right into their Premiere Pro projects with the click of a button. By storing assets and project files in the same Space, all the media automatically links up before the Premiere Pro even opens. No more digging through folder structures for project files. The team at CLUTCH Performance can share and bookmark links to their project files through the desktop and web apps. This not only saves valuable time but also guarantees that editors are working with the correct, up-to-date assets, enhancing overall productivity while staying organized.

Enhanced Collaboration and Recovery in Premiere Pro

A critical aspect of this improved workflow is Premiere Pro's project locking feature, ensuring that only one editor can change a project at a time. This safeguard is essential for maintaining project integrity and enabling smooth collaboration.

Additionally, CLUTCH Performance has implemented Adobe’s new background auto-save feature. By configuring the settings for number and frequency of backups with's hourly Snapshot schedule, CLUTCH Performance has access to a 24-hour history of project states for every minute, offering a vital backup system for editors.

//ROGUE PRO: A Game-Changer for CLUTCH Performance

"The integration of //ROGUE PRO and the platform has been a game-changer for our video production," says Chris Strohmeyer, VP of Operations at CLUTCH Performance. "We receive the benefits of cloud with the efficiency of on-prem storage, saving time and significantly enhancing our collaborative capabilities, especially for our remote team members." DigitalGlue's President, Sean Busby, echoes this sentiment: "The successful deployment of //ROGUE PRO within diverse industry segments—sports, post-production, corporations, houses of worship, and now a consulting firm—stands as a testament to its versatility our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of a broad spectrum of clients."

DigitalGlue’s platform gives CLUTCH Performance a competitive edge, enabling them to deliver high-quality content faster and more efficiently than ever before. This is particularly beneficial for remote team members, who can now engage seamlessly with on-premises workflows, ensuring that geographical distances do not hinder the creative process. The ability to centralize, optimize, and localize their projects and media assets has transformed CLUTCH Performance’s video production, making it more agile, cost-effective, and collaborative.

For more information on how DigitalGlue’s can enhance your video editing workflow, reach out at or call 888.519.2021.


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