Brat TV Collaborates Across Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and Media Composer with

//DEUS EX Enables Brat TV’s 20+ Users to Connect Across Platforms and Departments

Murrieta, CA - January 22, 2020 – Brat TV, a digital content studio based in Los Angeles, has upgraded to DigitalGlue’s industry-changing storage platform known as The production hub for Gen Z content creates daily episodes of TV-quality shows reaching over 5 million subscribers across its social channels with hits such as Chicken Girls, Total Eclipse and Mani. The platform is the ideal storage solution for Brat’s creative team as it supports collaborative workflows by optimizing the latest, most advanced software to increase efficiency and productivity.

DigitalGlue’s features seamless collaboration for Brat’s editors, colorists, and their marketing team by providing innovative, adaptable storage solutions across multiple applications. Initially, Adobe’s Premiere Pro and Blackmagic’s Design DaVinci Resolve were to be used in both solo and collaborative workflows. “Brat converting their artists from Premiere Pro to Media Composer prior to our installation as their main NLE was an impressive project for our team to undertake the first month of service. Our hardware and software are now optimized and battle-tested with the nuances of how Avid handles things” says Nick Anderson, Product manager. MIMIQ, a 3rd party per-seat license, unlocks bin locking and shared project features on storage for Media Composer. The Brat TV team utilizes these features along with the full user management system built into each appliance to control access to assets and maintain a proper chain of custody throughout their pipeline.

The daily post-production process, streamlined by, provides the Brat TV marketing team easy access to projects that generate additional revenue streams. In addition to the ad dollars earned from their social channels, Brat is utilizing the hours saved by the unique platform for their own advertising partners by incorporating their commercials within each program they create.

Designed to empower creative teams to collaborate in real-time with high-resolution media, the //DEUS EX was the perfect solution to accommodate Brat TV’s 20+ users. A modular upgrade from the //AUTEUR, the //DEUS EX uses higher-class Intel Xeon Gold CPUs to process more bandwidth per second. The monitoring tools included in the web app UI allowed Brat TV to monitor usage in real-time, quickly identifying any bottlenecks in their workflow, and keep production flowing efficiently. The //DEUS EX was provided as part of’s unique On-Premise Managed Storage (OPMS) offering, with hardware, software, and support bundled as a monthly service.


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