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Breakthrough tech, simplified workflow

Storage that scales with the needs of your business, providing media studios with the performance, protection, and value they need at scale. Simplify your workflow, improve collaboration, and eliminate file copies with software from creative.space.

why nyriad?

Game-changing GPU storage technology

Nyriad’s UltraIOTM data storage system uses the processing power of GPUs and advanced algorithms to deliver exceptional unprecedented performance, resilience, and efficiency.

Up to 20 drive failures with no data loss

With Nyriad's unique GPU technology, customers can have peace of mind that their workloads and data are protected.

Up to 12 GB/s concurrent reads and writes

Connect your workstations and edit with high-bandwidth video formats across the network in real-time.

better together

Combining the benefits of ZFS and UltraIO

The UltraIO platform’s resilient and efficient erasure coding coupled with creative.space’s ZFS file system provides massive performance and capacity, making it ideal for the largest and most performance-sensitive creative workflows.

Performance with creative.space

Industry-leading performance at 70% the carbon footprint of competitors through ZFS's ARC technology.

Erasure Coding with UltraIO

Nyriad's advanced algorithms increase efficiency as your store more data, saving more capacity as your scale.

virtualization options

Virtualize your media operation

Simple and easy to manage, deploy virtual machines seamlessly without the need to refresh or replace existing technologies. Consolidate and streamline tasks such as rendering, streaming, non-linear editing, content ingest, and active archive.

Blazing-fast Video Editing with Virtual Workstations
Spin Up Servers for Automated Processes
Leverage Internal Virtual Networking Efficiencies

What’s inside 👀

Starting your next video project? Centralize your media assets in a shared space that can be accessed both on the desktop and on the web. No need for a cloud solution.

Easily mount and access spaces on your desktop

Connect to storage and collaborate in shared spaces optimized for video applications

Browse and share media assets via a web browser

All the features you would expect from a cloud service built into your on-prem shared storage

Turnkey Storage for Creatives

Each server packs the power of a datacenter behind an intuitive user experience designed for teams of non-technical creatives and video workflows.


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