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Faith Promise Solves Storage Chaos with

Briauna Hankins and her team overcame storage woes and streamlined their production workflows using DigitalGlue's //ROGUE PRO network-attached storage system


Spearheaded by Lead Filmmaker and Video Editor Briauna Hankins, Faith Promise Church has a mission to inspire and connect people through a robust digital ministry. However, managing the production of over 15 weekly videos is no small task, particularly given the strain of disorganized hard drives and slow file-sharing processes. By adopting DigitalGlue's service, Faith Promise Church was able to navigate the challenges of video storage and file-sharing head-on.


Faith Promise Church, an American evangelical multi-site church with a central campus in Knoxville, Tennessee. According to the esteemed Outreach 100, it ranks as the 49th fastest-growing church in the country.

On a typical week, Briauna Hankins and her team, as integral parts of this thriving religious organization, take on the exciting task of creating and producing more than 15 videos every week. These videos play an essential role in the church's mission and are designed to connect, inspire, and deepen the faith of the congregation and the wider online community. Whether it's a sermon, a worship song, a testimonial, or an educational piece, each video is crafted with the intention of spreading the message of real love and faith. This robust digital output underscores Faith Promise Church's commitment to leveraging modern technology in the service of its spiritual mission.


Briauna Hankins faced an overwhelming project in their 2020 Easter film. Her team used sophisticated equipment including two RED scarlet cameras with anamorphic lenses over several multi-day shoots. As the complexity and quality of their filmmaking grew, so too did their storage needs. Their previous "storage solution" involved accumulating countless hard drives, each becoming almost full, that scattered across their workspace. Finding specific video clips became a drawn-out task, taking hours of rummaging through these drives. Sharing files with external contributors was slow and tricky. The process was frustrating, time-consuming, and there was a risk of losing important data.


Things started to look up for Briauna when she went to a film festival and learned about's On-Premises Managed Storage solution, which promised to make it easier to keep track of files and share them with others. The hope was that this new system would solve the church's problems and make things run more smoothly.


Based on their needs, Briauna chose the //ROGUE PRO system, which is a high-performance network-attached storage (NAS) server with a desktop form-factor. The //ROGUE PRO boasted impressive storage capacities up to 200 Terabytes. It offered easy connectivity, with desktop and web applications that facilitated efficient access to stored content and managed the flow of storage from existing hard drives to the //ROGUE PRO system. This meant that Briauna could easily coordinate access for contractors and other team members, streamlining their workflow significantly.

“ solved the problem of not knowing where our storage is. It created a solution of having everything in one spot, and it's worlds easier to find. It's really minimized the time that it takes to start, edit, and finish a project."

Briauna Hankins
Lead Filmmaker and Video Editor

This robust system has empowered the team to edit their high-resolution footage captured from RED Scarlet Digital Cinema Cameras in real-time. As a result, they're able to bring their intricate narratives to life with cinematic visuals and vibrant details, without worrying about storage limitations or workflow complexities. The //ROGUE PRO solution has proven instrumental in streamlining their process, saving crucial time and resources, and enhancing their storytelling potential, thereby allowing them to manage larger and more ambitious projects for their mission more efficiently.


After the church started using, things got much better. Briauna and her team could find files more quickly and had more time to work on making videos. Sharing files with outside workers was no longer a problem.

“One of the features that really interested me in creative space is the accessibility it offers. Our contractors outside of these four walls can still access all of the footage, all of the projects, and we can work seamlessly together. Before, we would have to gather all the footage on a hard drive and drive it over to our contractors. Now it's just a click."

Briauna Hankins
Lead Filmmaker and Video Editor

With the //ROGUE PRO system in place, Faith Promise Church revolutionized their video production process. The transfer of previous projects onto the new system was straightforward and efficient using the USB ports on the //ROGUE PRO and the ingest page of the web app. This allowed Briauna to continue working while data transferred seamlessly in the background. She found the hands-on support from DigitalGlue to be invaluable, providing her with a dedicated communication channel for prompt troubleshooting and assistance. Faith Promise Church could now archive previous content and produce new video content without worrying about storage capacity or organization.


By implementing the //ROGUE PRO system from, Faith Promise Church transformed their video production process, significantly improving their storage efficiency and workflow. As Briauna continues to create content aimed at deepening people's relationship with Christ, she can do so without the nagging concern about where to store it all. The partnership with not only solved Faith Promise's immediate storage issues but also set them up for a future of continued growth and high-quality storytelling.


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