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Church of the Resurrection Adapts to COVID-19 with

DigitalGlue's intuitive shared storage platform enabled Church of the Resurrection to ramp up video production for both on-premises and remote users amidst COVID-19 challenges.


In the face of a global pandemic, organizations have been compelled to leverage technology to adapt their operations to the changing landscape. This case study spotlights the successful journey of Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, in maximizing the creative potential of its video team amidst COVID challenges.


Church of the Resurrection (COR) is a large methodist church located in Leawood, Kansas, with a robust video production team led by Video Production Manager, Sandy Thailing. With over two decades of experience in the field, Thailing recognized the need for a more efficient, accessible collaborative media storage system to take the team's output to the next level. The existing system, comprising of individual RAID units, was clunky, difficult to manage, and lacked centralized access. This inefficiency drove Thailing to seek a solution that would transform the team's content creation process, increase productivity, and enable remote work.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought a significant increase in workload for the video production team. They were tasked to produce content for weekly sermons, live worship services, weekly online services, and various ministry support videos. In the face of this new reality, Thailing and his team had to grapple with the increasing inefficiency of their current storage system while adapting to remote work. Their quest for an ideal media storage solution was met with the challenge of finding one that not only offered on-premise storage but also extended remote capabilities.


The search for a solution led Thailing to, a platform offered by DigitalGlue. It offered an on-premise storage server, the //AUTEUR, and remote storage units, //ROGUE. This combination was a perfect fit for their needs, providing a highly efficient and easy-to-use collaborative media storage system. It included intuitive software accessible through a browser and optimized for video producers and editors, eliminating the need for specialized IT language.

“We’d spent 4 years searching for a centralized shared storage solution before we found, and now because of the time it’s saved us in the last 6 months, we’re on track to make back our investment this year."

Sandy Thailing
Video Production Manager, Church of the Resurrection


The new system brought remarkable efficiency to COR's content creation process. The remote capabilities allowed the team to produce significant events like the Candlelight Christmas Eve and Easter services remotely. It drastically reduced the edit time, allowing for immediate live-switching in the studio. Despite the team working remotely, the new system to handle multiple streams of video and support extensive media production.


The transition to the new media storage system provided by represented a significant step in the Church of the Resurrection's adaptation to the new normal brought about by the pandemic. Through the successful implementation of the new system, the video production team could overcome the limitations posed by the pandemic and continue their work with higher efficiency and ease. As they continue to explore the full extent of the new system's capabilities, they remain optimistic about the potential for future growth and innovation, thus setting a positive precedent for other institutions facing similar challenges.


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